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Cherng Year is amanufacturer of sport goods in Taiwan. Our field includes JumpRope, Whistle, Soccer equipment, Cone and Water equipment. First, for school,the Jump Rope is the general sporting equipment for students. We major in SpeedJump Rope for skill of team. ItíŽs with speed bearing and heavy rope forcompetitors. Moreover, in any competition places, referees or coaches will usewhistles for any conditions which can control sudden occurrences. ItíŽs a goodwarning signal on open and tumultuous places. There is a large range in soccerequipment. We specialize in Cones. The sizes have 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 inches. Forcones shapes, we have disc cone, dome cone, soft cone and marker cone. Andhaving sticks for cones to train steps of soccer players. For Water equipment,we have rescue rope, float rope, camping rope, climbing rope and reflect rope.

We start from ropes andrun business with schools merchandise. For school commodities, adjustable JumpRope is designed to students of schools. The rope can be wantonly done long orshort suitable for height of students. The handles with foam are smooth and ergonomic, and the rope can turn fast in handles. Its adjustingstructure let jump rope activity to be popular for our customer use.

The sport goods is apopular activity involving sports of land, sea, and air. During the latestyears, we provide and search new products for our clients. Because the marketsare changing seriously, we expand products sourcing services, any products orcomponents for sporting goods business. This allosteric control lets ourproducts to be professionalism.

It is necessary for ourearth to preserve the environment. Packing is our important business way,example let it be suitable for RoHS. Using recyclable material is like PET, PP,PE.

The Enterprise is paragenesis with the environmentto earth sustainable development and the duty for society.

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